Popcorn Fundraiser Info

Sales Goal and Opt Out:

Pack 82’s has a budget of $284 per scout for the 2021-2022 year. This year, we are fortunate to have enough excess funds to provide an $84 discount to every scout. The remaining amount will be raised by participating in the Popcorn Fundraiser or paying the Opt-Out fee. Below are the goals for this year.

Sales Goal is $625 per scout.

The Opt-Out is $200 per scout. NOTE: If you sell popcorn, but do not meet the sales goal, the opt-out will be reduced on a sliding scale based on how much popcorn was sold.

Due Dates:

Tues 10/26 – Turn in all Opt-Out fees and/or Popcorn sales.

Sat 11/13 – Any popcorn that was ordered will be available for delivery.

Point of Contact

Russ Rhodes is the Popcorn point of contact for Pack 82. Below is his contact info:

Online Account Setup:

Everyone needs to setup an online account. This will add you to our roster and enable you to conduct online sales. To set your account up, please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to https://campmasters.org
2. At the bottom of the webpage, click on the link “Councils, units, and scouts sign in here”
3. Click on the blue box “Scout’s Register”
4. Make sure the “Register as” scout button is marked blue or clicked AND the NO button is blue or checked to answer the question “Are you under 13?”
5. Fill in ALL information fields, click the “I have read and agree…” box, then click CONTINUE
6. In the next window, you will need to search for our pack. To do so, type in Quapaw 3082 and select Pack 3082 of Benton. Select our pack and click Register.
7. The system will send an email to the email account you registered with. Go and retrieve that email.
8. Click the link in the email to complete your registration. A web browser window will open to your scout’s dashboard on campmasters.org
9. In your scout’s dashboard, complete any TO-DO items in your TO-DO list at the top of the page. Once those are completed, you can use this dashboard to set up an online profile to sell online.

Storefront Sales Options:

Below are the dates. Signup at Scouts or contact Russ Rhodes at russrhodesjr@gmail.com or 501-920-4036. Each scout can signup for one 2 hour slot. Additional slots will be available after everyone has had a chance to signup.

Sat 9/25 8:00 to 4:00 Kroger (I-30) Storefront Sale
Sat 10/2 8:00 to 4:00 Lowes (Bryant) Storefront Sale

Important Information:

All in person orders and donations need to be captured on the paper order form. DO NOT LOSE YOUR FORMS.

Donations can be accepted. Please record them on the paper order form.

Online orders will be automatically captured on the online system.

Money will need to be collected at the time of order. Cash or Check only. No Credit Cards.

Checks can be made out to either the parent or to Pack 82. NOTE: For check(s) made out to the parent, the parent will need to deposit the check(s) into their bank account and write Pack 82 a single check for the total amount of the sales.

Parents are responsible for keeping up with all money collected and turning it in on Tuesday 10/26. No popcorn will be ordered without payment.

Parents can check-out inventory to sell starting on Tuesday 9/21.

Don’t forget to offer the “Support the Military” option. People can give a partial amount if they do not want to give the full $30 or $50 donation. All partial donations can be combined at the end and applied to a single $30 or $50 option.


The pack will provide weekly prizes at Den Meetings.

Anyone who sales $1200 or more will receive a special prize from Pack 82.

Amazon Gift Cards from Campmaster. See sales form for details.

Amazon Gift Cards from the Council. Anyone who sells $2500 will be entered in a drawing for a $250 amazon card. There will be an additional card for every 5 scouts entered. The top 3 sellers will be recognized at the council banquet.


Popcorn Sales Form