Pinewood Derby Planning Checklist

The following is a checklist of the things that the Pinewood Derby team will need to do to prepare for the Pinewood Derby.

  • Distribute the Pinewood Derby kits and race rules at the Christmas Pack Meeting.
  • Book venue for the race. NOTE: We will need access to the location on Friday night to setup.
  • Email the race rules in early January.
  • Organize a tech day that will occur the Tuesday before the Pinewood Derby. NOTE: This is where people can put their cars through a mock tech inspection.
  • Determine the race schedule and scoring methodology based on number of people that the venue can hold. I.E. do we race by den or by pack.
  • Purchase trophies for first through third for Speed Overall and Design Overall.
  • Purchase metals for Speed for first through third place for each den.
  • Setup the the venue on the Friday before the race. This includes setting up the following: Track, PA system, race timer, checkin area, work area for car modifications, 2 on-deck areas, car pit zone, sitting area for scouts, and sitting area for spectators.
  • Recruit people to perform the following roles:
    • Car Checkin Team (4-5 People): Checks cars in, perform tech inspection, registers racers in the computer, prints drivers licenses, protect the cars, and oversee the design competition voting.
    • Race Timer (1 Person): Runs the race computer, timer, tabulates the results, PA system and plays music.
    • Emcee (1 Person): Makes all he announcements, starts the race, talks to the boys, calls up the next racers, presents the awards, tells jokes, etc.
    • Race Rule Committee (3 People): Makes final ruling when a rule is challenged or when rules need to be interpreted.
    • Starting Gate (1 Person): Assist boys with putting cars on the track. Operates the starting gate.
    • On Deck Team (2-3 People): Runs the On-Deck line and the On-Deck On-Deck line.
  • Publish the official race procedure that will be followed the day of the race. This document will include the names of everyone assigned to specific roles and should be emailed out to the pack the week of the race.